On the eco farm near Penza in the new building plans for the development of agrotourism

Dozens of types of cheese, milk, sour cream, cheese, sausages and even ostrich eggs: to see how it is made, and, of course, to try can the guests of ekofarma. In the Penza region began to develop the direction of the farmhouse. What to expect the farmers?

the Owls became the first residents of ekofarma near Penza. Now in these cages for more than 40 African and Australian birds. Neighbors — reindeer, peacocks, cranes, cows of the highland breed, the roosters in the “pants” and hundreds of birds, ungulates and other animals.

a Newborn camel is called a pod because of the white wool. The girl appeared at the end of March. This is the second camel, which was born in Kasielke over the last year. Today there are more than 700 inhabitants.

Kuzeevsky ecotourism allows not only to observe the incredible winged, pet the alpacas or smile funny camels, but also to enjoy the beauty of the unique places on the shore of Sursky reservoir. Very soon there will open a hotel, build heated pools, cafes and even a Museum of technics and samovars.

“Hotels with 20 rooms for 40-50 persons. There’s now undergoing renovations. I wanted to finish sometime before August. On the territory that will be four more house hotel, says individual entrepreneur Ashot Hakobyan. — That is — the prospect of development of this territory. Would like in the next year or two to finish it.”

Dozens of types of goat cheese, milk, sour cream, cheese, sausages and even ostrich eggs — an eco farm prides itself in manufacturing its natural products and hoped that very soon this area of the Penza region will be heard children’s laughter and adult voices of the tourist flow. Because the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19, closing one door tourism abroad opens another tourism internal.

its development aims, the government, tour operators and business Governor Ivan Belozertsev. The head of the region said that famous for its agriculture, the region has all possibleactivities to promote agrotourism.

Endless fields, fresh air, organic food and the opportunity to live a village life will attract many residents of megacities. In this economy in four months from cows of black-motley breed got almost 5000 tons of milk. Plan to reach nine thousand.

“Despite the spread of coronavirus infection all agricultural work today. Work with the will work efficiently, show a good result, — said the Governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev. — We have a good winter, we have a good germination of spring crops. It is the hope that in autumn we will get a good harvest. That is our aim”.

the Middle like this, as well as farms and agro-industrial giants operating in the Penza region, give confidence without good products, our country will remain. Investor interest in the Penza region continues unabated — last year alone they invested in the industry is 18 billion rubles.