On the suppression of threat to palm pests told Sochi scientists

for the suppression Of threat for the black sea palm pests told Sochi scientists. Together with the Abkhazian and Crimean counterparts, they have produced a brochure with tips and advice for professionals. It is reported by the “Vesti Sochi”.

the Struggle for the health of palm trees began in 2014. It was then that together with the planting at the resort was listed insects affecting the plants. Scientists believe that the most important thing — as soon as possible to begin processing. It is important to examine the trees and at the first suspicion of infection is to contact the experts. Poor signal are twisted and leaky palm leaves. This means that in the tree have penetrated the insects and started eating him from the inside.

As told by the experts, moth caterpillar can grow up to 7 cm, and the butterfly is up to 12 cm, given the wingspan. According to the Deputy Director of the research Institute of Floriculture and subtropical crops of Natalia Karpun, scientists tried to gather all gained over 5 years experience of pest control, described in detail what preparations you need to use, what dosage to choose. In addition to brochures, useful information can be found on the Institute’s website, in social networks, in the “Friendship Tree”.

For all persons concerned scientists will hold workshops in April. To this similar informative meetings were already held in Sochi.

Text: state television and radio company “Vesti Sochi”