Pamfilova addressed to the VIP-voters: the plots are all equal

the Chairman of the Central election Commission Ella Pamfilova has told about how has started voting on amendments to the Constitution. In an interview with channel “Russia 24” she was talking about the preservation of the CEC system in a state of combat readiness of cases where heads of the commissions are forced to “pass” before the officials, and what do you do if its rights have been violated.

– We’re visiting the Studio of our Central election Commission, now next to me, the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova. Ella, I welcome you again.


You today at the launch of the information center filed also very important to ordinary members of the Election Commission. Why you it was important to start with this?

– Yes, it really is very important because this is an unprecedented social and political event. And what is the members of our commissions? This is a great army of people more than 900 million, almost a million, and they clearly reflect the cross-section of society. It’s not some… it’s not their service, it is not on duty. They are political and social… there are representatives of different parties, political movements, social movements, citizens themselves. Then there is political and social section of society. And they came, as before said – of social work. In this case, I can’t say I can say it is a huge socio-political mission that they perform in different situations. Completely new large-scale action. They have a huge responsibility and burden, I need it and moral support somehow, that’s why I asked and wished all of us to successfully fulfil the task that stands before us.

– Today is the first day of voting. And a lot of before talked about that will be complied with all the necessary security measures, we vote in the period of the pandemic. Still in practice? Performed whether these measures?

Well, of course like in a huge big way, some flaws we have already seen, but I would like to draw attention particularly, I want to personally appeal to all our so-called VIPs, senior officials at the Federal level and at the regional level: please do not put members of our Committee in an awkward position.

You may also be required – all are required, regardless of position, to comply with all the measures of sanitary-epidemiological security, all requirements that don’t know what position a person occupies. Come, take mask, wear mask, wear gloves, handle to do it all the same, as do all citizens. Because I imagine comes from a very senior person on the Commission and the Chairman of the Commission – he’s uncomfortable, he passes in front of such official. There are a lot of cameras and the camera man, say, considers it important to fulfill all the requirements that all must comply. This causes irritation in people. And here I once again appeal and appeal to the chairmen of the commissions: ask all, regardless of position. Came to the site to vote – whether it is good, or a Deputy Governor or whoever that was – to do all the things that are required to make all the citizens. This is very important.

Well, of course, some minor flaws are. We quickly correct them, in principle, Yes, all we have of the Commission, all members of precinct election commissions, observers are provided with masks, gloves, protective screens, disposable bathrobes, required when voting at home, and so on. All done. All we need is for each side… Not only our Commission – we hard pressed them for it – are obliged to fulfill what is prescribed to them to fulfill. But, on the other hand, the participants in the vote, regardless of social status or position, everyone should do their part too to complete the requirements so as not to pose a risk, including, for other citizens, not to be the source of sarageniya. They must first of all show a good example. We will definitely use… so I now took off the mask, because interviews. But we clearly abide by, otherwise we would not be able to maintain the system in such a state of combat readiness.

– speaking about complaints and violations, whether already message to you and how you react to them?

– Very quickly we consider them and if we see that it is not just fake, or if we see that there is any reason, and if it is in our control – instantly react. That is very efficiently run. If we see that some, possibly a violation (until I got), but requires the intervention of law enforcement, is also sent to law enforcement agencies. While complaints are few. There are some, Yes, for what we are criticized, we too are working out monitor. A lot of misunderstanding about the voting outside the premises, someone out there writes with sarcasm: here, voting almost on the knee or on the bench… Colleagues, well, it’s funny. Yes, we all made for our vote, to them it was convenient and affordable. But this does not mean that our procedures are facilitated. They very clearly are hardcoded, they are very meticulous, they provide for voting outside the premises, all very clearly spelled out, and how. And always with the participation of the observer, be sure to observe all personal protection measures, that is, in more detail, we now give the information that we have on the website. And tomorrow morning we will start with this topic. Right clearly show how should be, if there’s any comments, our colleagues in the regions now they can take into account. Here, too, all strictly, strictly under the control of our observers.

If a person sees that his rights are infringed, step by step what to do?

– If one sees that his rights are infringed, he may apply to the members of the Commission, because they represent different parties, different movements. He cant to refer to observers who are present there, he can call directly to the CEC hot line, the room is very simple— 8 800 200 00 20. If anything, we have a hot line around the clock, and we will try to answer all questions and promptly react to restore or to prevent the violation of the rights of every member’s vote.