Pamfilova told when can be amended in the Constitution

Proposals to change the Constitution may be adopted in the current year to a single day of voting. In an interview with RIA Novosti said the head of the Central election Commission Ella Pamfilova. She noted that the CEC is ready to hold a proper vote, if we receive the order.

“as for the time, when it can be, I would not want to read tea leaves – said Pamfilova. But because of the dynamism that was inherent in the message of the President, and given the strong steps that you followed, I assume that will be in this year.”

the Single voting day in Russia is scheduled for September 13. According to Pamfilova, the vote on the question of amendments to the main law of the country will not coincide with this date.

“It would be too difficult. I guess it will be earlier than in the single voting day”, – said the CEC Chairman. She explained that “it’s still different procedure”.

Pamfilova added that the organization of voting on amendments to the Constitution are under direct responsibility of the CEC.

“It can entrust us. If the President we instruct, then we will organize,” she explained.

In his annual address to the Federal Assembly, President Vladimir Putin proposed a number of amendments to the Constitution. In particular, it is proposed to establish the basic law to the status of the state Council and the principles of the single public authority, to prescribe a minimum wage, which should not be less than minimum wage, and the need for regular indexation of pensions.

Putin has invited citizens to vote on this package of amendments to the Constitution.