Penza joined all-Russian action

the Penza region joined the nationwide “Blockade bread”, reports GTRK “Penza”. On Friday, January 24, in the framework of the siege of Leningrad remembered in the walls of the gallery. There was opened the exhibition, which is dedicated to the heroic 872 days.

the Ring of the siege closed around the city on 8 September 1941 and was lifted on 27 January 1944. But Leningrad remained unconquered. That is to live under the bombing without food and in freezing apartments, gallery specialists told children and adults. To create the atmosphere of the besieged Northern capital helped the poetry of Olga Berhgoltz and 125 grambye pieces of bread. Such was the daily rate for residents.

the gallery’s Director Kirill Astrogeny the blockade learned from his father. In the first year of the siege he studied at the military sea school, “Father said, “Son, I, of course, that a blockade in the form in which it in a year or two, when there was a terrible famine, when there was no light, no water, not seen.” Nevertheless, even then thickened the atmosphere, heavy atmosphere, compressed on all sides by the enemy. A feeling that the throat hold, and gradually all the time squeeze”, — said Kirill Astrogeny.

the Exhibition is part of the national event “Blockade bread”. Small pieces of bread as a reminder of the hardship of the people of Leningrad during the war, will be distributed, and other cultural institutions, as well as at the railway station “Penza-I”.

Text: GTRK “Penza”