Popova told about the Russian method of diagnosis of coronavirus

because of the terrible pictures from China is true and what is fake? What animals and fish carved at the biggest market of Wuhan, where the spread of infection? About how the virus spreads and what measures are taken to protect against him, “Vesti on Saturday” said the chief sanitary doctor of Russia Anna Popova.

– Anna, in St. Petersburg a Chinese student got the survey. In Irkutsk — the Chinese. What is revealed?

– I Want to say that with the number 31, we have strengthened sanitary-quarantine control and inspected more than 22 thousand flights by road, air and rail. That’s a total of 200 million passengers. We found 51 people that has a history of stay in China and had any, even the most minimal signs of acute viral infection. None of them this diagnosis was not confirmed. But we have identified influenza a virus, parainfluenza viruses, rhinovirus, Mycoplasma and so on. Each case has got its diagnostic laboratory confirmation.

– That is the diagnosis you have to determine it’s just the flu or coronavirus?

– exactly. Our scholars (“Vector”) has developed a method of diagnosis rather quickly, within weeks after published the sequence. And here we must pay tribute to our Chinese colleagues: they did it openly and quickly. We have designed two test systems. One only works on the virus, the second to both viruses: known to us SARS and the new virus. These test systems are equipped all our laboratories. Today we see and can see this virus. Today it is not, but the willingness of health net, network health to see him so ill is also provided. We had at that time.

– If, God forbid, still confirmed the virus in Russia, what’s with the vaccine? Tested already?

the Vaccine is being developed in two institutions in parallel. It is very good.

– Such a competitionalready something between them work?

– Well, why not? This is the normal scientific process, scientists are working. Some work on one algorithm, while others — in another. This involved many countries of the world. The point of achieving the result is not defined. But the main thing today is to take all preventive measures.

– What to do? Advise.

– I Want to say that our government does everything that you need to do today to limit and prevent the virus. And to ensure that the virus does not spread in the case proniknoveniya.

– And at the household level?

– At the household level today, you need to follow the same rules we follow for the prevention of influenza. We have in fact now and flu period. There is still the threshold in Russia, but he will fail. Week two or three, but today it is not. And the steps are the same. It’s clean hands, clean face, clean gadgets, maximum preservation of health. If you can not attend any mass events, for example. Today, even for the prevention of influenza, including coronavirus, this is not worth. I want to say especially to those who were in China during the month: the incubation period is 14 days. Those who have a history of stay in China, no matter where, and you feel any discomfort, urgent need to go to the doctor and be sure to indicate that you have a history of stay in China. This is happening today. Suspicion of Chinese citizens, which is today in Russia, there are. And we are already seeing in the net a great number of individuals who applied for diagnosis. We. But there is not a single case no. The main thing — to be ready to receive him and not to miss the beginning. This is an appeal to all the citizens of our country.

– Question about the world health organization. Periodically we suspect a conspiracy theory. I see what they are doing over the past few days: he declared a state of emergency in China, but has not announced a situation around the world. Why?

Is qufull-time serious work and a big responsibility. The emergency Committee had been discussing this decision within two days instead of one. This was attended by the specialists of our CPS, that is, we as experts inside the process. On this day in order not to declare a state of emergency on this scale, there are several reasons. All cases of extension beyond do not have consistent development. That’s what the experts say. Also there is a system of diagnosis, it is always worth it. Today we can say that the mortality rate of this disease is low. But it does not allow us to relax, exactly. We see increasing risks. And I want to draw your attention that the decision of the world health organization decision on the rejection of the state of emergency extends for a short period.

– And then?

– the General Director said that in two weeks we again will gather. This situation is on control of all national bodies, that I am absolutely telling you: national and international. We are very closely monitoring the situation, literally online control all the information that is available to us, and are ready to reflect any developments.