Press Secretary: no one was offended by Zhirinovsky for the distribution of money

some of the media out of context and distorted the episode of the communication leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky with visitors to the Christmas fair on red square, during which time he was handing out banknotes, no one came to the fair were not offended.

according to TASS, that the public was informed by press Secretary Zhirinovsky Alexander Dupin.

According to him, during the new year holidays the head of the faction of the liberal democratic party of Russia in the state Duma visited places of festivals, where the citizens rejoiced at the emergence of Zhirinovsky, wanted to be photographed with him, and some asked to help financially.

As outlined by Dupin, no distribution of money was not offended, on the contrary, many have commended the policy.

Earlier it was reported that during his visit to the Christmas fair on red square Zhirinovsky was handing out banknotes one thousand rubles, saying that the money is earmarked for children, the disabled, orphans, serfs, and slaves.