Pretended to be a dog: to Moscow from Makhachkala to baggage transported the cub

Illegally and with violation of sanitary norms through Volgograd tried to smuggle a six cub. Unknown animal stuck in a box of a cargo compartment of a public bus “Makhachkala-Moscow”. Anyone in the capital had to pick up a box — as yet unknown. Unattended baggage immediately attracted the attention of a police patrol. Hairy prisoner is rescued, fed and temporarily handed over to the Volgograd dog training centre.

the video shows how unusual discovery with huge frightened eyes police get out of the bus on a stationary post of traffic police. Obvious and terrible conditions for such “travel” is dark, cramped and there is almost no air, surrounded by other Luggage. Meanwhile, the driver tells flight that the passenger is the predator hears for the first time.

– a guy came, — says the driver.

the Kid came? And if there was something forbidden for transportation?

Said: “the Dog”.

– You did not check?


I Think the cub African lion have already recognized veterinarian Irina Parfyonova a new mom. And like a newborn, from visiting experts.

– Very thin!

Yes, there propleshiny him. He needs to fatten up!

And not surprisingly — the last day could be for six weeks the cub last. And steel second birthday.

This fluffy kitty is more than a day spent in a closed baggage compartment-wooden box, on a bus travelling from Makhachkala to Moscow.

I drove an exotic pet, checking for the police. At the time an unusual pet will remain in the dog training center, where he has found a new home.

“I hope that our vets will be able to provide him with a decent savings until we find a place, someone to take it over. Earlier we had engaged in official puppies, but I think can handle it. He is young, he is a month and a half. That is, from a puppy, he is not much different now,” — emphasizes onhead of the center of dog service of Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia across the Volgograd region Dmitry Kretov.

When the predator gets older, say the handlers, will give good, and most importantly — in a responsible and professional hands.