First Vice-President

First Vice-President of the company “Norilsk Nickel” Sergey Dyachenko, the TV channel “Russia 24” told how is the situation now on the scene. According to him, at the moment it stabilized.

Dyachenko said that at the scene you can see the seven rows of the barrier booms is pumping diesel fuel from the surface. Then plan to install and cascade the additional boom.

Vice-President “Norilsk Nickel” said that Norilsk net profit additional resources. They hope for good weather. Under favorable conditions, to pump out raw materials plan for two weeks.

Sergey Dyachenko believes that the cause of the accident are ground subsidence, damage to the part of the pillars on which was based the platform. According to him, the design is already 35 years old, she regularly passed examination of industrial safety — the most recent one held in 2018. Then deviations neither on the platform nor on pile field, nor for the construction has not been determined. The design was in a healthy state. Vice-President believes that the cause of the incident in the first place is the ground. They will get to the truth.

On the question of why the disaster in Moscow only learned in a week, Sergey Dyachenko said that the relevant conclusions will be made by the authorities. For their part, they will try to collect all the spilled diesel fuel in the river.

In Norilsk on 3 June he was declared a state of emergency at the Federal level. The disaster in the city was devoted to a meeting of President Vladimir Putin.