Published a video shot a few hours before the death of Nastya Tropical

the Death of 18-year-old Russian woman, blogers Tropical Nastya (Anastasia zubrin;) came as a surprise to many. The girl called herself a millionaire and enjoy life, but favorite hobby turned to her tragedy.

Mom Tropical has published on his page in Instagram video shot two hours before the fatal accident. According to the woman, nothing boded ill.

the published footage shows that the girl together with her boyfriend Viktor is riding on a motorcycle. Nastya Tropical was in the passenger seat and smiled, capturing the events on video.

the Mother of the deceased said that the day when the accident happened, it started perfectly, the sun was shining, and she had the idea to call my daughter and ask how the case and mood. The fact is that before death, the blogger had a fight with his father. The woman admitted that she never called her daughter, what very sorry.

the Tragic accident involving blogers-millionaire from Russia occurred in Bali on June 21. Nastya Tropical crashed a motorcycle, which was purchased just a few days before the accident.