Putin may back Merkel in the main part of global players

Author: Dmitry Kiselev

on 19 January in Berlin — an unprecedented event — a conference on the fate of troubled Libya. After the invasion of Libya, the Western coalition and the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, the bloodshed in the country continues. Now Libya is a hotbed of terrorism and the slave trade. In the country — a dual power.

In the German capital to meet the delegation of the government of Libya, headed by Faiz by Sarraj and the Libyan national army, led by Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot. The conference was attended by high-level delegation from Russia, headed by Putin, as well as Germany, USA, Turkey, Egypt, France, great Britain, Italy, Algeria, European Union, African Union and League of Arab States.

the Conference in Berlin is in many respects became possible thanks to negotiations on Libya in Moscow. Recently in the Russian capital came and Sarraj, and the Haftarot. However, their mutual dislike is so great that, according to Lavrov, they are not even ready to be in the same room. So the mediators from Russia and Turkey went through the corridors of the Haftarot to Saraju and Vice versa. This is called “indirect negotiations”. It lasted for 6 hours. As a result, the Marshal Haftar left Moscow, did not sign a ceasefire agreement, but took additional time to think. Later, the press service of the Kremlin reported that Marshal Haftarot in the letter to Putin said he was ready to come back to Moscow and the talks continue.

Author: Mikhail Antonov

Angela Merkel has met Putin at the door of his office in the company of UN Secretary General. The Russian President exchanged a few words with Antonio Guterres, the microphones and TV cameras caught the question of the Chancellor to the President of Russia:

– He speaks to you in Russian? – said Merkel.

– a Little, — said Putin.

Vladimir Putin have not been visiting Merkel. The last time was in October of ‘ 16, in the “Normandy format”. And when the office of Chancellor was going to such great societiesOh, and observers do not recall.

Presidents of France, Turkey and Egypt, the Prime Ministers of Britain and Italy, the U.S. Secretary of state and a senior representative of the Politburo of the Chinese Communist party — this is an incomplete list of participants.

After taking photos to Vladimir Putin approached Mike Pompeo, and together they proceeded to the hall, where stood a round table. The aim of the conference was to bring him representatives of the conflicting forces in Libya: the head of the national consensus government Saraga and commander of the Libyan national army, the Haftarot. But by the beginning of the opponents separated in different corners of Bundeskanzlerin. Irritation large.

President of Turkey, who is supporting in this conflict, the government in Tripoli, arrived at the conference in a gloomy mood and from the airport went to the hotel. There the conference was attended by Vladimir Putin.

Erdogan has called the field Marshal of the Haftarot a “coup”, and said that it should be taught a lesson. Russia has influence on the Libyan warlord, a graduate of the Frunze Academy, and President Putin gave his colleague the opportunity to present a list of grievances to the Haftarot, who left the meeting in Moscow signed an agreement on ceasefire.

“We have taken great effort to convince Mr. Saraga, that he arrived in Moscow and did everything possible. He fulfilled his task. As a result, the government of national consensus, despite the fact that all his expectations were not met, signed the agreement. But the Haftarah is not signed. This shows us that he is not a supporter of the peace process and the military resolution of the issue,” — said Erdogan.

In the words of the President of Turkey has its own truth: after leaving Moscow, Haftar went on the offensive on Tripoli. Force on his side — he controls most of Libya’s largest oil fields and sea terminals of the country. And Turkey is very annoying that Haftar is trying to strengthen its bargaining position through the lesson pageelegicheskoj objects of the Libyan infrastructure.

Vladimir Putin is the man who trusts Erdogan definitely soothes colleague.

“We, in my opinion, made a very good move during a meeting in Istanbul called on the Libyan parties to stop the fire, And, despite the fact that certain incidents have taken place so far, after all both parties listened to our appeal, large-scale fighting stopped. In my opinion, this is a very good result, which created the preconditions for meeting today a multilateral level here in Berlin. We energetically worked together on the positive end of the meeting in Moscow of the conflicting parties. They arrived in Moscow and negotiated not only with us but also with each other. Yes, indeed not all succeed. One of the parties the statement is not yet supported, but we do not lose hope that the dialogue will continue and we will strive wholeheartedly to ensure that the conflict was resolved”, — Putin said.

an Attempt to influence the Haftarot recently made and German diplomats. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas flew to him in Benghazi. Angela Merkel met with field Marshal before the start of the conference. The intensification of the mediation of Germany, as the papers say, is largely due to the fact that in war-torn Libya Europe floods the flood of refugees.

an Honest position, without any admixture of self-interest, which can be traced in a similar peacemaking efforts of Italy and France, whose energy giants Eni and Total are fighting with each other over Libyan oil, and made bets on different sides of the conflict. Germany free from the need to protect their investment, and she has played such a fatal role in the history of this country, which fulfilled other European mediators.

with the help of Vladimir Putin, actively supported this conference, Angela Merkel has a chance of making a big comeback in the main part of global players, of which she seems to have the last time. This conference is unlikely to end a breakthrough, but it is the beginning of the path, which the diplomats come up with a name that is pleasant to the ear of the German Chancellor, – “the Berlin process”.

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