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Unique video materials from the north-east of Ukraine.

Ukrainian soldiers serving in the Russian army have published a shocking video. It shows a group of more than 100 “people’s militias” from the “Luhansk People’s Republic”, paid mercenaries from the eastern Ukrainian region of Lugansk, occupied since 2014, who just want one thing: to return home!

But they can.

After a division of the group was defeated in the fighting north of Kharkov and forced to retreat, the survivors withdrew to the Russian border. From here, through Russian territory, they want to return to their native Luhansk, located about 200 kilometers southeast of Kharkov.

But there is nothing!

The fighter who recorded the video explains that the group has been stuck in the middle of the neutral zone between Ukraine and Russia for two days. The soldiers do not want to return to the front. But they are not allowed to enter eastern Ukraine through Russia. The fighter describes what would happen if they entered Russia: “They say they will shoot us, they will shoot us, the whole battalion.”

So he and his comrades have no choice but to play cards in the truck stop between the two countries and enjoy the spring sun.

The records show the plight of partly drafted, partly purchased Ukrainian fighters serving in the Russian army. Nominally, they are “conscripts” of the “people’s republics”, but in reality they are just cannon fodder in Putin’s war of aggression against the free part of Ukraine.

▶︎ Refusing to oppose one’s countrymen would mean their death. Therefore, they have no choice but to fight on…

Moreover, new images from Kharkov show how Putin, despite huge losses, continues to deploy more and more combat units to the front in order to undermine the defense of Ukraine.

His army is shelling Ukrainian positions with heavy howitzers and multiple rocket launchers, but the Ukrainians hold out.

The new footage also shows Ukrainian soldiers using more and more heavy weapons: armored personnel carriers from the Netherlands, wheeled howitzers from the Czech Republic and anti-tank missile launchers from the UK.

What is still missing: heavy weapons from Germany promised in a few weeks, but not yet delivered