Putin Speaks Directly to Russian Farmers, Promises to Fix Problems and Encourage Growth!

What challenges do farmers face Russian? Today, they told Vladimir Putin about them. The head of state met with them in Adygea to receive first-hand information on the eve of the meeting of the state council on the development of agribusiness. The President was personally convinced that domestic manufacturers are in no way inferior to foreign ones.

Which tea does the head of state prefer? What is he going to treat himself with at the New Year’s table? See Dmitry Petrov”s report.

This is almost 10 hectares (25 acres) of indoor, man-made summer. There are 50 species of these flowers paradise. They smell amazing. Every day from here, from the very heart of Adygea, bouquets of roses are delivered all over the country, even to Moscow and the Urals. Someone will be given this very bouquet.

The Green House’s floral production will mark its 10th anniversary next year. They have their own water treatment and power supply facilities.

Evgenia Babicheva, CEO: “Today they grow here, tomorrow they will be sorted, and the day after tomorrow they could be in your house”.

Today, this greenhouse was shown to the president.

– We have roses which have been delivered this year. Only we have them. No one else in Russia has them.

– Are they beautiful?


This is an exhibition of agricultural products where only part of Adygea”s riches are presented. There are dozens of varieties of cheese and bread, butter, dairy products, and a rich collection of sausages. The guests were pleased. Presidential Envoy to the Southern Federal District Vladimir Ustinov picked up a sausage, which didn’t go unnoticed by Putin.

– Put the sausage back.

– Everything’s counted.

– Put the sausage back.

A substantive discussion about agriculture took place in the neighboring village of Enem. On the eve of the State Council, Putin invited those who work with soil — large agricultural producers and farmers — to talk.

Vladimir Putin: “If the economy in total has grown by 1.3%, then our agricultural production growth is 4.1%. To a certain degree, this is a driver for the development of the entire economy. Today, the agricultural industry not only provides the country with all the basic foodstuffs but exports more and more. In 2018, it amounted to almost $26 billion. Just a few years ago, It was hard to imagine that such a situation is possible. It seemed impossible. But it’s happening thanks to your and your colleagues’ efforts”.

Yulia Ogloblina, an activist of the All-Russian Popular Front, spoke about the problem of rural development. According to her, the vast majority of medical and obstetric centers aren’t used for their intended purpose.

Yulia Ogloblina: Last year, 370 centers were built, but 64 of them still don’t work. I wish such situations didn’t exist.

Vladimir Putin: You sound so cultural as if you work not in a village but in the Ministry of Culture. What you talked about is outrageous. This is outrageous carelessness. I need such an analysis. Carry it out and we will find everything out. What you were talking about is the result of when someone is unprofessional and clumsy. People just can’t organize the process.

Another persistent problem is fuel prices for agricultural machinery. They almost never go on public roads. The farmers asked for the tax burden to be lifted.

– I would like to ask you to instruct the Government of the Russian Federation to develop a proposal on the possibility of deducting excise taxes from the cost of fuel.

Vladimir Putin: “I can imagine how the Ministry of Finance would react to this. But this is negotiable. Every year before the harvest, we analyze the fuel market. Last year, prices went up, and we virtually any allocated 5 billion ($80 million) to lower fuel prices in the agricultural field”.

Sergey Bavaev from Kolomna, whose grape escargots were tasted by tourists from dozens of countries, asked to include farmers who raise exotic animals such in the list of agricultural producers.

Sergey Bavaev: Our country will defeat all countries in terms of snail raising and we will raise the best snails.

Vladimir Putin: Why are snails discriminated against?

– We’ll include those who grow snail in the list of agricultural producers.

– Snails are very nutritious. The most powerful aphrodisiac in the world.

– Come again?

– Aphrodisiac.

– Men, you all heard this, right? Let’s eat more snails. And we’ll solve the demographic issue along the way. Dima, include it.

– Will do, Mr. Putin. They could be useful to you as well.

Another activist of the All-Russian Popular Front, Beslan Askhabov, had a request to develop a federal program to support specialists in villages and to attract young people. Putin cited the example of the team of creators of the Iskander weapon system.

Vladimir Putin: “Quite young people came. I said those were our modern, precise weapons. They said that when the grant system appeared, I proposed to create the grant system in the defense industry, all of them transferred to the institute, and then some more people came too. And then they created the Iskander. They came to fulfill one task”.

The President praised Askhabov, born in Chechnya, for concrete proposals for the development of the republic and once again recalled his conversation with Akhmad Kadyrov, who started the positive changes in the region.

Vladimir Putin: “We talked a lot, including about his participation in informal armed groups. He said: “Back in the day in Chechnya, you either joined a gang or had one of your own. And I had my own gang. You couldn’t live there the other way.” Maybe this wasn’t their fault, it was our common fault that we brought the situation to this”.

One can’t simply come to Kuban and not talk about Krasnodar tea. But Putin made it clear right away that he doesnt drink tea.

Vladimir Putin: “I drink an infusion of herbs from Altai”.

Many of the participants in the meeting cheesemakers and winemakers, promised to hand over their produce to the president to put on his New Year’s table.

Vladimir Putin: “We’ll use your wine and cheese for New Year’s dinner”.

Dmitry Petrov, Anna Sorokina, Alexandra Terpugova, Natalya Lundovskaya, Anton Kasimovich, Valery Pyatov, Vesti, Adygea.