Putin: the crimes of the Nazis and their henchmen do not have a Statute of limitations

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s greeting to participants and guests of the memorial evening “Keeper of memory” noted that the crimes of the Nazis should be forgiven and forgotten. The telegram published Sunday on the Kremlin website, Putin called the Holocaust one of the most tragic pages of world history.

“Any attempt to silence these events, to rewrite history are unacceptable and immoral,” the letter says.

the President believes that the common duty of all concerned to preserve and transmit the truth about the Second world war. This requires respect for the millions killed in the death camps and ghettos. Putin urged to remember the role of the red army that defeated Nazi Germany and saved “not only Jewish, but also other peoples of the world”.

In Russia, from 20 January to 2 February there is a week of remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust.