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Russian surrealism: before going to war, soldiers listen to the speech of the leader of the AfD faction Alice Weidel on February 27, 2022!

This is confirmed by a screenshot of the lecture schedule with instructions for “viewing media content”, which was published by the Russian portal Mediazona (founded by ex-members of Pussy Riot). The list was received from a St. Petersburg policeman.

Paragraph 5 reads: Film “Speech to the Bundesrat by Dr. Alice Weidel.” In it, the leader of the Alternative for Germany parliamentary group, among other things, said the following:

Weidel’s remarks about the “unacceptability of the Russian invasion” and “violation of international law” are also mentioned. An excerpt from the speech of the German politician with a Russian translation was posted on the LenTV24 TV channel.

► ALG leader spokesman Daniel Tapp responded to BILD’s request that Weidel’s speech “is in no way an excuse” for war. However, she “certainly has no influence on who uses individual fragments of her speech for their own interests.”

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs demanded that police officers undergo enhanced political briefings once a week.

In other words, this means: in 2022, the police are forced to listen to an hour and a half of patriotic lectures that should strengthen their faith in the viciousness of NATO and the need for Russia to fight the insidious West.

Propaganda films, speeches by Putin, as well as his ministers and security officials – everything needs to be not only heard, but also recorded. The summary should be shown to the leaders. Those who do not do so risk losing their jobs.

► Senior employees are allowed to transcribe lectures at home. This is usually done by their wives and mothers – then the handwriting is especially legible, and the notebooks are beautifully designed.

Watches of “political information” were distributed in the Soviet Union – both in the army and in the security agencies.

Now it is called “state-legal informing”. An employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs says: “In the USSR, no one cared about these watches. Now many people take them seriously and listen carefully. There are already a lot of patriots among the employees.”

Since the beginning of March, the police have had to learn about the Ukrainian “fascists” who are holding 4.5 million people on their territory as a “human shield” from the Russian army. Lectures also included:

► Security Council meetings, Putin’s phone calls and EU sanctions.

► Alleged biological laboratories with biochemical weapons in Ukraine.

► The reasons for the “special operation” in Ukraine and how the war in Russia should be called.

► Policemen had to listen to Putin’s speech, in which he declared that Ukrainians are “Nazis” and that the war is for the liberation of the Ukrainian people.

One of the police officers told the opposition portal Mediazona: “Until you write down all this nonsense, you won’t go on vacation.”

As one LiveJournal user wrote: “Among other things, we were told that we must be ready to perform special tasks, including in the territory of the corresponding hostilities.”

Part of the information work is also clarifications about the information war in which Russia will have to participate. In St. Petersburg, the police were shown propaganda videos with recordings of the main Kremlin broadcasters. In one of them, the journalist refuted “fakes about special operations.” Another contained a report on the participation of “bold Chechen fighters” in a “special operation.” There were also videos titled “Crimes of Ukrainian Nazis” and “History of Euromaidan”.

In Rostov, the police had to listen to the speech of the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs. It was about the threat to Russia from NATO. In April, employees were forced to watch a press conference between Putin and Lukashenka for an hour and a half.

“I have never seen such nonsense. They told me: yes, you should very carefully record everything that Putin says about the war, ”the former policeman tells Operative Show, an opposition portal. He says that he and his colleagues also have to read interviews by political scientists and experts close to the Kremlin, published by the government-run Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

In the event of a possible mobilization, a Russian policeman must take with him not only ideological baggage, but also a field backpack. A list of its contents will be published on the Operative Show portal. It contains linen, a compass, cutlery, dry food, a flask, a field first-aid kit and up to seven thousand rubles.