Racial controversy

What is the political landscape in the U.S. due to anarchy?

At Brighton beach in good weather and one hour before curfew. “Fellowship” gathers to the point of collection. “Fellowship” — the name of the biker club. On patrol against potential looters — those who are on two wheels and speaks Russian. They — volunteers police protection from those with whom the police will handle it all last week but could not.

“From whom? We all know from whom. From those who are trying to come here are starting to smash, to break, to spoil property, to intrude into the personal space of citizens. I don’t care what they call themselves,” — said the President of club Konstantin Kotov.

– How are you willing to stand up for themselves and the residents of the area?

– we Have everything we need. To show I’m not going to, but all that is necessary, we have.

About suspicious incidents is revealed through a special application. Here comes the message of a mass brawl. But whether the call was false, whether the adolescents by the time of arrival of the “Lads” ran… to Travel to Brighton bikers will still be deep into the night. We also return to Manhattan even before dawn.

With the restrictions on entry into the Central part of new York city government is clearly delayed. Three nights in a row in Manhattan wielding marauders. Smashed Windows, using what came to hand. In the course were hammers, shovels, trash cans. Stolen goods and small food stalls where you can best profit from a package of chocolates. Attacked and entire Department stores, including the world famous Macy’s, which organizes the annual parade on thanksgiving Day.

most of the looters were attracted by the stores of luxury brands in SOHO. They brought out Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton. Nike store stormed by the crowd. Plundered and looted. One man pulled out a computer from the Apple store, but far could not. But on the other Marauder snapped up passengers gorgeousth Rolls-Royce price in the $ 350,000 — also stopped in SOHO to profit.

Among the many looters come in large numbers from the neighbouring States, for example, from new Jersey. Acted and well-organized gangs with scouts, radios. Moved by bikes or electric scooters. Pre-planned targets for raids.

the Most expensive street in new York city now looks like a solid wooden fence. Thick plywood panels and barbed wire. The owners of one of the shops on Fifth Avenue turned it into a real fortress. Working dogs, strong guys. In protection — only black. The expectation that the attackers will be able to speak or in a language they understand of the gate, or to use more weighty arguments.

to Protect — and this is the opinion of Donald trump — America needs now from terrorists. Moreover, the inner. The White house is an unprecedented step to announce the inclusion in the list of terrorist organizations of the radical left movement “Antifa”.

while invisible If Directors do there, they came to play. Advance brought props. Surprised even the extras. In new York and Dallas, Kansas and North Carolina on the way the columns run across and neatly stacked bricks, and harvested as projectiles paving slabs.

the Loudest “anti-fascists” declared itself immediately after the election trump. In mid-November, the large-scale protests spread to the largest city of Oregon. Looted shops, broken Windows, damaged cars — it all started back then.

Journalist Andy NGO is closely monitoring the actions of the movement “Antifa” ever since. “In November 2016 in Portland people came out against Donald trump, they could not agree on his election. Some groups of people called for riots and violence. They looted shops in the city centre, banks, burning cars, people woke up this morning and saw the ruined city, and this was the system in all subsequent years,” said NGO.

He found the names of some leaders of the movement. For this it is three years later and was beaten up during one of the demonstrations. NGOs became the hero of a series of reports on the action of the movement “Antifa”, which Fox News channel was prepared by the journalist Lara Logan. She personally tried to communicate with the radicals, but they called him a “Nazi”.
the January shooting in Seattle. Members of the movement “Antifa” came out against supporters of the trump. On video of Lara Logan clearly visible men in black with umbrellas. And this is Minneapolis. The beginning of the protests. Windows later burned down the auto parts store, which is directly opposite the police station No. 3, which was stormed by the crowd, smashes the man in black. He also has an umbrella in his hands. Strange outsider trying to detain. But he rastalkivaya witnesses, hiding in an unknown direction.

Some scour graffiti. Other clean. Robert Nubers voluntarily drove two truck. Now he, along with all of America is wondering who did all of this. “I think what it stands for George Soros, encourages riots and pogroms on the part of the black population,” said Robert.

that behind the protests is well-known financier George Soros, confident and rassledovaniia Lara Logan. “These protests are orchestrated, they have their own huge network, not only in the US but worldwide, is a global organization. Many experts, politicians don’t want to talk about them, to call a spade a spade and say that doing this “Antifa”. Why? Because they have a severe patronage,” she said.

In the United States in varying degree sympathize with them all the liberal media and even the management of entire social networks. A new round of conflict trump Twitter — just on this basis. The microblogging service has blocked new trunovskoe video. Covered, as usual in such cases, universal Figonew patient information violation of copyright law.

“what we are seeing now on the streets of our cities, has nothing to do with justice and peace. George Floyd was dishonored by protesters, looters and anarchists, fueled by the radical left”, — was said in the video trump.

George Floyd now as an icon. At the funeral service in the Minneapolis — Golden casket. Like the rap star or the star football or basketball League. Paid famous boxer of Mayweather.

the coffin on his knee, sobbing, crouches liberal mayor of the city. A number of professional defenders of blacks for decades operating and earning for their troubles. Like former FBI informant al Sharpton carries trump for what the us President posed with the Bible at the President of the Church of St. John, in which the radicals threw a few Molotov cocktails.

“We can’t use the Bible as a prop. The story of George Floyd was the history of black people, because 400 years ago we couldn’t be who they wanted to be because you kept the knee in our neck,” said a Sharpton.

the University of Minneapolis has already approved a scholarship named after African-American George Floyd. It is, they say, must inspire young black leaders. What could inspire a lively Floyd, best of all, it is clear from the entries in police records. In 20 years time he was first arrested for theft. Ten months of his young life, the inspiration of new leaders was held in prison for Harris County.

Then there were different sentences for drugs. Floyd and kept, was dealing cocaine. In 2007 he joined the gang of robbers, posing as a plumber entered the house, where he put a gun to the stomach of a pregnant woman. She later identified him from giant growth and body type. It was in Houston, where Floyd will be buried.

After his release in 2014 he decided to start a new life. Because and moved to Minneapolis. But any white who stutter in America today on these facts, will automatically be declared a racist. Activist Candace Owens because of the color of the skin such accusations will not get any. She can tell the unpleasant truth.

“It’s a symbol of America today, a symbol of a broken culture and for black America. The fact that he participated in an armed robbery, gives me a feeling of disgust. George Floyd was not a good man. I don’t care that he decided to start his life anew and change it. He told us how he has changed after his fifth or sixth imprisonment, but this is just not true,” says Owens.

Owens, a supporter of trump. In General in recent years to support the President of the United States began more and more black. African Americans began to earn more unemployment before the current crisis, among them was a record low for decades. That is, Democrats, in fact, began to lose its original electorate, which is so necessary in this election year. The current protests, coupled with the acute social crisis and 40 million unemployment, of course, deployed the unfavorable situation.

by Leaps and bounds catching up to Joe Biden. More recently, he shouted with African Americans for what is going to vote for trump. On the eve of Biden received the required nominations 1991 the voice of the electors. Has cemented its place in the race. Continuing the popular American mob (otherwise it will not name), the candidate of the Democrats falls on one knee in the Church in Wilmington.

Biden solidarity with the protesters, not with police, as well as many liberal governors of States or mayors of large cities. Like new York’s bill De Blasio. He refused to enter the national guard to stop the riots and looting. And just because it was advised by trump. Him out of spite.

“I suggest that some of our governors too proud not to be proud of. Do your own work. Call in the National guard. Give me a call. Equality and justice before the law is supposed to mean that every American should be treated equally. What happened should not happen again. I hope George is looking down on us right now and says: “With our country great things happen! This is an important day for him, it’s an important day for all of us!”- said trump.

All that said trump about George Floyd and will be used against trump. According to this principle with him now communicates the American deep state. Quiet riot raise even the military. A reminder about the oath, according to which commanders are obliged to defend the Constitution appealed to subordinate the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, mark Milly. The current head of the Pentagon Mark Esper objected to the order on the streets of Washington suggests army. A former Pentagon chief James Mattis and even urged the American people to speak out against trump.

“Donald trump is the first President in my lifetime who is not trying to unite the American people, not even trying to pretend doing it. Instead, he’s trying to divide us. We can unite without him, drawing inner strength in our civil society,” said Mattis.

trump in a few hours responded on Twitter. Specially mixed for the generals and took all the credit for the emergence of his famous nickname — Mad Dog. “His main talent is not the army, but rather public relations. Perhaps the only thing in common that I have and Barack Obama is the fact that we both had the honor to fire Jim Mattis, the most overrated General in the world. I asked him to leave the post, and very happy. He was nicknamed Chaos, which I did not like. I changed it to Mad Dog,” wrote trump.

I could Not resist to comment and Obama himself. Although long-standing American tradition of criticism of the current presidents from their predecessors — a bad tone. “The events of the past two weeks talking about the callovah and structural problems in the US, the solution of which was left to drift. It is the result of a long history of slavery, discrimination and institutional racism,” — said Obama.

Institutional racism that America has overcome in the late 60’s when Martin Luther king during the March on Washington. The current problems derived from the social traps that surround the lives of African Americans. But in an election year to deal with all this too busy. The Democrats have achieved the main thing.

According to the survey conducted after the events in Minneapolis, volunteers from NPR and PBS, 67% of Americans believe that trump has reinforced racial differences. It is significant that 29% are Republican. That is, the split trompowsky supporters, the need for which has long been talked about the liberal spin doctors, it has happened.

the role of the police in the US have traditionally been very significant in the state. She has always been allowed to act tough, and justice in the case which according to custom, stood on the side of the police. This situation has a simple explanation — the police as a body is primarily to guard the private property. And private property is the cornerstone of the American system and a Central element of the American dream. Now, when the police in the US have abandoned and humiliated, guilty of making all police, there is a risk of destruction much.

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