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Rainbow diet: a doctor told, than useful vegetables of different colors

Rainbow diet: a doctor told, than useful vegetables of different colors

in order to obtain daily value of vitamins, a person needs to eat a pound of fruit and half a kilo of vegetables. As told in the broadcast channel “Russia 1” the doctor Alexander Myasnikov, from plant foods benefit more than from multivitamin from the pharmacy.

According to experts, fruits and vegetables “work” differently than the purchase vitamine.

“Here you are picked up and ate a piece of pepper: you got the amount of vitamin C, which may not be as great as in some kind of pill, but it will sink in,” said the expert. He explained that eaten a fruit or vegetable “in every Department of digestive tract will be dosed to give a vitamin and trace mineral”.

“A pill – you “fell” into the stomach, where the acid burned her,” said the butchers.

When drawing up the diet, you can mnemotechnical follow the old rule: “Every hunter knows where the pheasant”.

“In America, children are taught from an early age: “Build a rainbow of vegetables” or “Collect a rainbow of fruits”. For example, red fruits contain lycopene. You all know that this is a drug that allegedly can reduce the risk of prostate cancer – said Myasnikov. Green vegetables contain folic acid, blue and purple contain high amounts of resveratrol that is biologically active substance which cleans the blood vessels from bad cholesterol”.

the Most useful of vegetables butchers called broccoli. This vegetable contains “a tremendous amount of vitamins, minerals, biologically active substances, which reduce the risk oncologists”, as well as antioxidants. Thus, according to the doctor, better than broccoli, not cook, eat raw.

vegetable products blue color especially useful blueberries and blueberries. These berries help in the treatment of hypertension. But the benefits of bilberry for vision greatly exaggerated, says butchers.

“To impact the eyes should be is mega-blueberry– he explained. – I think for eyes serious value it has”.

If to speak about other color fruit, attention should be paid to bananas, beets and grapes.

Previously Alexander Myasnikov recommended to include in the diet fruit and vegetables during the summer heat. The body is much easier to process plant foods than meat.