Red eye as a

the TV channel “Russia 1” ophthalmologist Dmitry Maichuk answered the question, how serious is conjunctivitis and is it possible for him to lose his sight?

the Doctor replied, “when bad layout” over time, the vision, indeed, you can lose.

“of Course, if acute pain, we run to the doctor, the doctor prescribes the antibiotics, interferons, antiviral drugs, becoming good. And then just quickly stopped this problem. But if it is chronic conjunctivitis, we do not understand at what point with a simple allergies, with simple constant bacterial contamination, suddenly joins secondary bacterial infection, a fungal infection,” — says the expert.

the Doctor says “red eyes literally attracts any infectious component”.

Moreover, the ophthalmologist explains, “not only draws, but is a great area for bacteria and viruses”. Accordingly, it is dangerous and these need to be addressed.

“This leads to dry eye, to disturbance of tear production, formation of ulcers and keratitis of the cornea — of the eye, which we see in the world” — says the doctor.

On the question of when it is necessary urgently to run to the doctor and when to wait and just pokapat drops, Dmitry Maichuk advises still immediately go to the doctor.

“do Not expect that we will come to the pharmacy, we will recommend the right drop and the problem will go away,” says ophthalmologist and adds that “in no event it is impossible to follow the path of self-appointment antibiotics.”