Russia will transfer the WADA more than a million dollars

World anti-doping Agency determined the amount of the annual contribution for Russia. In 2020, the Russian side will add to the coffers of the WADA more than one million dollars. With each subsequent year the payment will increase.

“the contribution of Russia in 2020 will reach 1 015 977 million dollars,” — quoted source TASS. It is also known that the further the countries ‘ contributions will rise by approximately eight percent.

In 2019, the largest contributors were paid US who donated WADA 2 513 651 million dollar, Japan (1 502 $ 800 and 163 312 voluntary contribution) and Canada. The North American country has made an international organization 1 256 $ 826.

In 2020 the same year, Russia has a chance to take away from States the first line of the most “generous” countries. This may occur if the court of arbitration for Sport will take the position of WADA on the issue of sanctions against the Russian anti-doping Agency – in this case RUSADA will be forced to pay a fine of one hundred thousand dollars. Russia will be obliged to compensate the WADA investigation costs.

the Total contribution amount may be about two million dollars.