Russian fighter jets three times rose to intercept the spy planes

Duty fighter of Russian air force three times flew to intercept foreign spy planes, which were approaching the borders of the country. Just last week, the domestic air defence spotted 22 scout near the airspace of the Russian Federation, the newspaper “Red star”.

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— the Ministry of defence (@mod_russia) January 17, 2020

In particular, on 15 January near the black sea coast of Russia spotted reconnaissance aircraft of the air force of the U.S. RC-135U and RC-135W, which took off from an airbase on the island of Crete. The first circled near the Crimea, the second flew along the coast of the Krasnodar territory. Spy planes are not kept at a distance of 50 kilometers from the Russian border.

the Plane RC-135W is intended for search and identification of sources of electromagnetic radiation. These may include, for example, radar air defense missile systems.

the RC-135U is responsible for collecting, analyzing information and submitting it to the higher ranks, and also provides intelligence and other combat aircraft.