Russian widow of a Nigerian Prince is fighting with his son over a black daughter-in-law

The “Live” – the continuation of the story of the turbulent life of Natalia Widening – which became known in the media as the widow of a Nigerian Prince.

Husband, with whom she had twins, died, and after a time, Natalia met a police officer from Ghana and going to marry him.

Now in the family of Natalia – continuous scandals because of the fact that her eldest son Anatoly left his Russian wife, Natalia, too, and made friends with a Nigerian woman Jennifer Ali.

the Girl three years taught English in Moscow, but for the sake of Anatolia, with whom they met on the Internet, moved to Cherepovets. Moreover, they live in the apartment together with Widening and her children from a Nigerian Prince.

Natalya is annoyed, because to feed an adult son and his new fiancee she does not intend to.

scandals and yet the official Anatoly’s wife: the Studio program she publicly gave a slap to her husband, tried to grab the hair of the husband’s mistress and attacked with reproaches on the mother-in-law where, in its opinion, Anatoly was fascinated by the Africans.

While women assume that Jennifer is practicing black magic and could bewitch him with her rites.

At least, sister Natalia Tatyana Prikhodko says: 24-year-old girl locked in a room and spends witchcraft from “what=the dolls.”

Jennifer in his defense, says that in her homeland such rituals help people to like you, however in a situation with Natalia, she admits it’s not working.

is There a future for the son of Widening with a new sweetheart? Why she can’t take Natalie that she prefers black men?

whether Anatoly – all loans that were blamed on his wife, and that he is going to live with a young lover?

Why would she want a simple guy from Cherepovets? And whether the rights of a psychologist, suggesting that Anatoly will take on Jennifer all their hatred to the young Africans of the mother, who could resist?

About this in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”.