Sanchez didn't trust the Premiership

the candidate of the Spanish socialist Pedro Sanchez for the post of Prime Minister is not approved, a second round parliamentary vote will be held on Tuesday.

For the victory in the first round, Sanchez had to score at least 176 of the 350 seats, and for it gave the voices of the 166 deputies. In the second round, which by law takes place two days after the first, to win you need a simple majority of votes. And if the situation has not changed, Sanchez to approve the Chairman of the Spanish government.

in Addition to the socialists, Sanchez support the deputies from the left Unidas Podemos, which is Spanish socialist workers ‘ party is going to form a coalition government, as well as serving traditional Basque nationalist party, “More country” (País Más), Galician nationalist bloc, “Teruel exists” and “New Canaries”.

the Spanish Parliament is extremely fragmented, there are more than 20 parties of different directions. The most fundamental of them – Left the Republicans, the leader of which is Mr. Oriol Gankers received a 13-year sentence for holding an illegal referendum on independence in 2017.

the socialists and the Republicans agreed on the deal. The last abstain on the vote to Sanchez’s first start negotiations with the Catalan Generalitat after the formation of the Cabinet.

Approval Snecma as Prime Minister must put an end to a political crisis in Spain. For the first time since the 1970s (since the transition from dictatorship to democracy) will form a coalition government, reports RIA Novosti.