Sands: Putin will turn to the Russians about the Constitution, if deemed necessary

the fate of the amendments to the Constitution of Russia will determine the country’s citizens, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. Vladimir Putin will address to the Russians in connection with voting on amendments to the Constitution, if deemed necessary. This Peskov stressed the inappropriateness of reasoning about what will happen with the constitutional amendments, if the result of the voting is negative.

“the President made it clear that the law will come into force only after citizens will support a vote on these amendments, said Dmitry Peskov. Is absolutely clear, does not imply ambiguity, the statement of the President”.

Also, the press Secretary of the Russian President added that the epidemic situation is under control of the CEC and of the CPS. They are, according to Peskov, monitor the situation and adjust the corresponding mode, according to TASS.

the Vote on constitutional amendments scheduled for 22 April 2020. However, the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 amended in this process. As a result, the vote will take place with the transfer of more than three months – 1 July. Vladimir Putin explained that people’s health is important. The CEC approved the procedure of Internet voting on amendments to the Constitution.