Scout Alexei Botya - about the policy of Poland towards war history

the Demolition of many monuments to Soviet soldiers in Poland and the decision of Warsaw to recognize the Soviet Union responsible for the outbreak of the Second world war is a madness and meanness, says the Hero of Russia Alexei Botya, who led the operation to rescue Krakow from destruction by the Nazis in January 1945.

“I would be hard Polish told these people everything that I think about it! This is just crazy, desecrating the memory of hundreds of thousands of Soviet and Polish soldiers who together fought the Nazis in the land of Poland,” said 102-year veteran of the foreign intelligence Service of Russia in an interview with RIA Novosti.

According to him, if not for the victory of the Soviet Union, any free and independent Polish state of today would not exist.

January 19, marks the 75th anniversary of the red army’s liberation of the Polish Krakow.

In may 1944, a group Botana settled in kraków, where they learned about the plans of the Nazis to blow up the city before retreating. Taken “tongue” told about the warehouse of explosives in the Jagiellonian castle. Ammunition intended for the destruction of the historic centre of Krakow, dams and bridges over the Dunajec. Botany managed to introduce to the castle scout under the guise of a porter. The scout blew up the warehouse on January 18, 1945, and the next day in Krakow joined the red Army.

For courage and heroism displayed during the operation for the liberation of Krakow, for the prevention of its destruction by the Nazis, Alexei Nikolaevich Botany in may 2007 was awarded the title of Hero of Russia.