Shooting in the South-West of Moscow in the apartment of a man found alcohol and nootropics

During a search in the apartment of a man who started a fire from the window on the South-West of Moscow, discovered alcohol and “Phenibut” — prescription nootropic remedy, reports TASS.

As the representative of the Main Department of the RF IC in Moscow Yulia Ivanova, the medicine, the neurostimulator helps to activate metabolism in nerve cells and improves the thinking processes and neurological problems.

the Gunman Pavlov will be questioned later, he is in the hospital, currently he performed the operation.

According to neighbors, the man recently divorced his wife. Earlier law enforcement bodies declared that Pavlov could be in inadequate condition.

Earlier it was reported that on Sunday around 22:00 on Stroiteley street, the house 5, building 3, the man opened fire, which wounded two passers-by, they are hospitalized.

During the arrest, Pavlov made a fire on the special forces. During the assault, slightly wounded SWAT officer.

According to witnesses, the shooting in the yard lasted about 20 minutes.

for Pavlova criminal cases under articles “the Encroachment on life of the employee of law enforcement body” and “Hooliganism”.