In Moscow, Olympic champion Tatyana Navka has introduced a new ice show — “Sleeping beauty”. One of the main roles — Alina Sagitova, which recently announced the suspension of the competition.

the Ice is illuminated with dozens of spotlights, strict sports of the amphitheatre of fire explodes smiles. Skaters — under the dome. Then the Olympic champion Tatyana Navka will say it all magic light.

“the Light is configured fine, and is a great success because we work with such a system. The light is stunning, configurable sensors. They’re on my right,” explained the Pastor.

Between the country of the fairies and country people there is a war. However, the heirs to both thrones love each other. The feeling of overcoming all deception, betrayal, magic spells, distance and time, connect hearts, the people of the country and gives rise to new life in children. Soulful party Alina Sagitova. World premiere.

“the Main thing was to show, not a technique to get into character,” — admitted the Olympic champion in figure skating Alina Sagitova.

20 minutes on ice. Alina literally bursts into the world of ice shows a cascade of complicated spins, jumps and pairs of supports with seven-time champion Italy Ondrej Guarico.

Five-year-old Nadya Peskova plays, as she says, a little mother — the role of the protagonist in childhood. The debut of the youngest member of the show.

the Sound is another story. Leading vocals will be performed by Russian pop star Filipp Kirkorov, Ani Lorak.

“it Was hard to get into character, Tatiana Navka. I sympathized with her very much. And it turned out something special,” said Ani Lorak.

the Show Tatiana Navka already waiting in the land of the rising sun.

“Sleeping beauty” managed to touch the heart of everyone in the great hall. Dmitry Peskov in fact to look at, it is difficult to say — the press Secretary of the President, almost an entire family — in show: producing, singingt, dancing on ice.

“I haven’t seen my wife in over a month. And yet we have so it turns out that my work is not very calm, so we actually crossed the last couple of days. And Nadia is beautiful,” said Sands.

No Venetian carnivals, no Rio de Janeiro- such scenery, such ice, the graphics and such skating around anymore. From the point of view of professional training, the highest level. But the most important thing not it, but those emotions and feelings and meanings that are transmitted by occasion.

the Hall fell silent in a matter of seconds. Emotions impossible to contain, and the voice is hopelessly broken. Fire and ice, beautiful music and incredible choreography connect here. Look and understand: when our illustrious skaters lit the lights on the ice, the belief in miracles will live forever.