Ski crossing of Russian troops on 12 thousand kilometers starts in Voronezh

the Russian paratroopers will make a ski trip for 12 thousand kilometers. The route will cover hundreds of cities and towns. The transition will be timed to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war and the 90th anniversary of the airborne troops, reports GTRK “Voronezh”.

January 25, the cadets of the Ryazan airborne school. General V. F. Margelov will start in the homeland of the airborne troops in Voronezh. In total, the event will be attended by almost three hundred people. The transition will be mixed: part of the way Marines will be on skis on snow, and where it is not – on foot.

In each of the settlements along the route teams will be held demonstrations and Patriotic action. According to the organizers, the March is planned with the aim of raising awareness and prestige of military service. Participants will visit 19 cities of military glory and 4 of the city-hero. The format was chosen in memory of the General of the army Vasily Margelov, who in the framework of the exercise “Dnepr-67” with its units made the transition to 1 thousand kilometers.

Note also that in Voronezh is planned to build the Museum of the airborne forces. Presumably, that building will have the shape of half shells and cover the platform with a monument to soldiers-paratroopers. The building will be two storey and its total area will be about 1.3 thousand square meters. The Museum will place the conference and exhibition halls, a cloakroom, an office and several outbuildings. The roof of the building plan to be operated and make it green.

Recall, the initiators of the project became public. The new facility will be a branch of the center for military-Patriotic education “Museum-diorama” and its content will meet city Department of culture. Construction will begin this spring.

Text: GTRK “Voronezh”