Skripal niece doesn't believe that Sergey and Yulia left the UK

a Niece of ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal Victoria Skripal did not believe in the move uncle and his daughter Julia to New Zealand from the United Kingdom. According to Victoria, Sergei and Julia complained about health problems. They need the constant attention of doctors.

“I don’t think that it is appropriate to take people and take away somewhere. Doctors will how to treat them?” said Victoria Skripal in conversation with TASS.

in Addition to this, Victoria considers New Zealand is too small country to have two so famous man in the world could it get lost. It will not help even change appearance.

“it is Impossible that nobody knew even if you made a bunch of plastic surgeries that when Sergei Viktorovich is impossible, because in human diabetes,” explained Skripal.

Victoria is confident that the information about moving overseas Skrobala nothing like advertising stuffing BBC before the new film about the attempt on their lives in Salisbury.

“most Likely, this film ends with the fact that they are given new passports, and they go to a new country,” — said Skripal.

a Note about the new place of residence of the family Skrobala published by the newspaper “Sunday times” citing a senior source in the British government.