SpaceX has planned the disaster one of its missiles

this weekend, the aerospace company SpaceX Elon musk will play the last test of the manned Dragon Crew capsule, before it will be used to transport NASA astronauts to the International space station (ISS). As expected, the tests of the carrier rocket Falcon 9 — without the people on Board will fall apart in the air just a few minutes after takeoff.

the destruction of the missiles is part of the test to the termination of the flight, SpaceX is scheduled. Modeling the disaster, the company wants to show that people can return home safely in case of emergency, writes The Verge.

the Launch will be made this Saturday, January 18, from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral, Florida. The Falcon 9 will follow the path which will simulate a mission Demo Mission-2 (DM-2) on ISS, but at a certain time works alarm system — as if the rocket began to fall apart at the stage of entering into space. At this point, starts, eight reserve SuperDraco thrusters that will take Crew Dragon from the rocket at a safe distance. Then, after the reduction, the spacecraft will unfold a parachute that will allow them to splash down in the Atlantic ocean.

the development of the Crew Dragon — enhanced version of Dragon spacecraft — SpaceX is engaged in the last six years. The device is equipped with brand new life-support systems of the crew, armchairs and energy complex, which will provide the people with safety in the event of unforeseen circumstances at startup.

In March last year “cocotaxi” SpaceX delivered to the ISS 180 kg of cargo and a module with a dummy inside. The doll was attached to sensors which monitor various indicators. The objective of the mission Demo Mission-1 (DM-1) was to ensure that the flight Crew Dragon is not a threat to people’s lives. Second, this time manned mission Demo Mission-2 (DM-2) with crew on Board could be launched this spring.

Text: News.Hi-tech