Svetlana Zakharova left Mariinsky due to mad love and happiness with violinist

In the “Destiny of man” – Svetlana Zakharova, whose talent was spotted when he was young ballerinas.

the Girl from Lutsk to 10 years mother-the choreographer gave the Kiev school of choreography, although Svetlana herself, she admitted that a ballet dancer does not become wanted.

Now she is a global celebrity, tickets for performances which are sold out in a few months. Zakharova performs the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow and La Scala in Milan. Moreover, in Italy, Svetlana was awarded the official title of “Etoile”, which means “star”.

Talent Zakharova noticed when she was only 15 years old. Then Svetlana took part in the competition organized by the St. Petersburg Academy of Russian ballet named after Vaganova.

it student of the Kiev choreographic school took second place, losing only graduate of this institution.

Zakharov was invited to the last year – and it was the only case of this extern for the long history of the Academy of Russian ballet.

After graduation, Svetlana was immediately accepted into the troupe of the famous Mariinsky theatre, and a year later became its youngest soloist.

to Entice a talented ballerina seven long years trying Grand theatre of the capital, however, Zakharov remained faithful to the Mariinsky theatre.

However, the “mad and miserable” love to a partner in the theatre, in recognition Svetlana, forced her to “escape” to Moscow.

Soon, says Svetlana, she saw a concert by the violinist Vadim Repin, who struck her with his talented performance.

It was a unique event: a world star she came to him in the dressing room and asked the musician for an autograph.

they Met again only a year – and, in Japan, where he toured Repin. Then, says Svetlana, they talked for hours in the dressing room, and Zakharova seemed that they had known for many years.

a year Zakharov and Repin got married, and in 2011 the couple had a daughter Anna.

What does the daughter of a famous ballerina? How many pairs of Pointe shoes a ballerina spends in a year?

What role fate played Mikhail Baryshnikov and Valery Gergiev? And what said the great Maya Plisetskaya, when I saw Zakharova as Carmen?

Guest of the program “the Destiny of man with the YouTube Korchevnikov” – the star of Russian and world ballet Svetlana Zakharova.