Thaw in Yakut: minus 47 and 70% humidity

Author: Dmitry Kiselev

the news about natural disasters come almost every day. In the Philippines because of the powerful eruption of the volcano “Taal” declared a state of disaster. The height of the column of ash reached two kilometers away, and the fountains of lava up to 500 metres. And then there’s the storm and lightning. Tens of thousands of residents from 14 cities were evacuated.

But in Australia the fires have claimed 27 lives and more than a billion animals. Burned entire cities. On the East coast of the country struck a new attack — the heavy rains that has caused flooding.

the flood happened in Dubai. The strongest over the past 30 years, the rains led to traffic jams throughout the city. Hundreds of cars drowned. Drivers urgently transplanted in the boat. And then another struck the castle. “Floated” and Dubai airport. Hundreds of flights have been delayed.

However, temperature records this winter has, and Russia. Take, for Yakutia, where about 20 degrees warmer than usual.

Author: Dmitry Makarov

an hour after departure from Yakutsk regional aircraft An-24 overcomes the Verkhoyansk range. Thanks to this mountain range a part of the cold Arctic flow remains to the North.

At the airport Batagay — minus 45. But to get to the real pole of cold, need to drive another 90 miles. Here in the valley of the Yana river, is the most extreme city in Russia — Verkhoyansk. Minus 47 degrees with a humidity of 70%. By local standards this is a real thaw, as if apologizing, said the weatherman. Average temperature for January is minus 55 degrees Celsius.

In the area 50 degrees cold holding since November. And according to long-term meteorological observations, will weaken only in March. Here already more than hundred years Verhojansk proudly bears the title of the coldest city in the country. In 1885, the thermometer here fell to 67.8 degrees below zero. And this is the lowest recorded temperature in the Northern hemisphere.

People in the area settled already nearly four centuries ago. A large part of its history, the Verkhoyansk known as a place of exile. Therefore, five of the seven city streets bear the names of the Decembrists and revolutionaries. For example, one of them named in honor of Victor Nogina, the first Commissioner for trade and industry.

Today, it has established its own special way. From generation to generation pass on their experience harvesting ice on the river. Without him in the coldest city is not winter.

This ice — drinking water. It supplies are available in each organization and every house of Verkhoyansk. But to get the water, need to bring it to heat and melt. Now their stocks adds to the city hospital. From barrels with buckets of water spread around the offices. The main part — for the dining room, the bucket to the laboratory where analyses are taken in the office the only pediatrician.

And this is a way of survival for a single manufacturing enterprises of Verkhoyansk. Volume chocks all day is warmed in the cowshed on 200 goals.

the Main work here — manual. This year, employees literally have to save the number. Due to the drought have prepared only half of hay. Now it remained for only a week.

Fresh dairy products — the only product that is not delivered to the stores from the mainland. A range of other scarce and expensive. A dozen eggs — 130 rubles, potatoes — 200 per kilogram. So the short summer of trying to squeeze out of their gardens to the maximum.

the Streets of Verkhoyansk in winter deserted. Rarely are people and passing cars – “UAZ”. This brand of car is the most popular, the pole of cold. But even it has thoroughly warmed, otherwise you can freeze in transit. The main thing is not to stand more than ten minutes, otherwise freeze the chassis, and the car will be hard to budge.

Over the Verkhoyansk appeared the long-awaited sun. Full disk the locals have not seen in over a month. However, shows shined briefly. Light only one hour up to two days. In the dark, wrapped scarves, early in the morning to school going children. They unlike their peers from other cities in the us teach at minus 45.

an Example of endurance and delivers the mayor of the city Eugene Potapov. To work and back home on foot. On your feet — warm boots on the head a mink hat. A real northerner is the one who dresses warmly.

“So the machine never left me in the office and back into the garage. There is also the gasoline is consumed. Better I this gasoline will take people in Batagay, to participate in any competitions,” — said Potapov.

But better in the cold Verhojansk not to leave. Why people organize themselves for leisure. For example, rehearsing rooms, dedicated to the anniversary of the great Victory.

But for the youth staged a beauty contest “Snowy eyelashes”. One of the stages — photoshoot in the forest. Despite the minus 50 in some evening dresses. Take pictures quickly, without duplicates, I want to be in trend, even on a cold pole.

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