The army of the Haftarot and the NTC accuse each other of violating the truce

the representative of the Libyan national army Marshal Haftarot General al-Mubarak al-Ghazwi said that the national consensus Government (NTC) broke the truce. In response, the NTC was charged with violation of the armistice army of the Haftarot. According to the government, the LDF has violated the ceasefire agreement on the line of Salah-ed-DIN in Tripoli.

the Truce was established on the initiative of Russia and Turkey, reminds RIA Novosti. It is valid from midnight on January 12. Haftar supported the initiative, but said that they will continue their attack on Tripoli. In addition, Marshall noted that one of the conditions of the armistice was compliance by the other party, and promised a tough response to any breach of an agreement. Fees Sarraj, who heads the NTC, also welcomed the initiative but pointed out that units of the army of the Haftarot should move away from the combat zone.