The baby is not living space: during the beating stepfather broke up the boy's ears

a New case of torture of the child in Omsk: according to 4-year-old boy, he was beaten by the stepfather. About the incident he told the grandmother and father who came to visit him. The child whose parents are divorced, lived with his mother.

the child has numerous bruises and contusions all over her body and under the eyes, torn ears, reported on the website of Omsk “12 channel”. Dad and grandma are convinced it is the stepfather repeatedly abused the boy.

the Child was hospitalized. He was diagnosed with a “syndrome of cruel treatment with children, multiple contusions to the head, face, back.”

the father and the boy’s grandmother wrote a statement to the police. A criminal case under article 117 of the criminal code (“Torture”). The investigation leads the regional management of SK of Russia.

the child’s Mother and his stepfather wrote a counter-statement to the police on the father and grandmother of the boy. According to their version, they have slandered, set up the child against them and hurt the boy he allegedly fell from the chair.

While the criminal case was instituted against unidentified persons. If we can prove that the child was beaten, the perpetrator will face a prison.

the Boy, after weeks in the hospital with my dad and grandmother. They are going to achieve the deprivation of his parental rights of the mother.

Earlier in the Omsk initiated a criminal case under three articles of the criminal code in respect of the woman and her boyfriend, him that punished 8-year-old boy, placing his knees on buckwheat. The man and the child’s mother is accused under article “Torture”, “Intentional infliction of medium-gravity harm to health” and “Default of duties on education of minors”.

the Mother in the methods of “education”, which applied to child her partner, did not intervene. Grown into the skin on his knees 8-year-old rump had to remove the surgeons.