The condoms found isopropanol and zinc

Not all condoms sold in the cash desks of supermarkets and pharmacies was harmless. Roskoshestvo announced the study “products № 2”, which will be published during February. But it is clear that some condoms sold in the Russian retail has exceeded the levels of zinc and isopropanol.

Experts Roskoshestvo by 60 indicators checked 17 latex condoms the most popular brands from Russia, UK, China, Thailand, Germany, USA and Malaysia. In the end it turned out that the level of zinc was exceeded in three samples isopropyl — two.

In principle, nothing terrible either in zinc or in isopropyl no. Small quantities of both substances used as antiseptics. Thus, isopropyl alcohol in the medicine increasingly replaces the ethanol. For example, for impregnating antiseptic wipes. However, like his ethyl “colleague”, it causes intoxication, and narcotic effect 2 times higher than those of ethanol. But the excess of isopropyl undesirable as he is 6 times more toxic than ethanol, and can cause poisoning.

as for zinc, it is generally vital to people, as it participates in the production of sperm, hormones, vitamin E, and is necessary for breaking down alcohol in the body. Small amounts of metal and its derivatives is also used as an antiseptic. However, if you “overdose” zinc occur severe poisoning, leading to anemia and infertility.