The Consulate General of Russia among the passengers of the crashed plane it was not the Russians

In Kazakhstan figure out the details of the incident at the airport of Alma-ATA. After takeoff crashed passenger plane, which followed in the nation’s capital. According to preliminary data of the Consulate General of Russia, our compatriots were on Board.

This flight was flying 95 passengers and 5 crew members. The victims were nine people. Suffered the same. Including six children. Is the evacuation of the population in the area of emergency. According to the interior Ministry of Kazakhstan, the decline occurred in the residential sector. The cause of the crash to find out.

the Flight “Fokker-100” is temporarily suspended. Is this the type of was the Board, which crashed near Alma-ATA. It is reported by the Ministry of industry of the Republic.

the Fokker 100 medium — haul passenger aircraft. The largest airliner of the same name to a Dutch company. Holds up to 107 passengers. The first flight of the Fokker 100 took place in November 1986, and two years later he was commissioned. Production ceased in 1997. In all there were 283 aircraft of this model from them as a result of disasters and accidents lost 17.