The contest

the Competition “Leaders of Russia” allows to “shoot” those who have no connections and money, but have talent. Fortunately, the expense of such people is in the thousands. Summed up the new phase of this competition.

meeting starts in an Elevator. Move to the area of the steam turbine condenser. Theoretical introduction from relevant official.

His energy enough for the uninitiated in the field of heat supply systems of the correspondent, and the whole staff structure of the regional generating companies, as a physicist, mathematician and just power engineer with experience Eugene Grabchak only in March became the winner of the contest “Leaders of Russia” and now — Deputy Federal Minister! And while a film crew discovers the unknown, an official of the new formation shares intimate. “Approaches had helped. To learning, to understanding, to learning,” he said hrabchak.

Shepherd pooch to no avail trying to attract the attention of the owner. Bull calves-herefords require hay and grinding wheat. Stanislav Goryansky-farming avoids land. He accepted the challenge, confident in the success. Reached the finals of the national competition. And may not win, but participated.

Soon will begin the meeting of the Supervisory Board. Famous names from completely different fields: Pavel Lungin, Leonid Roshal, Mikhail Gusman. It is clear that the experts-managers of extra class needed in all fields.

Supervisory Board of the contest “Leaders of Russia” sums up the results of the qualifying round-2019. The semi-finalists included 3,300 people.

“we Got last year was more than 1,000 projects. This year, proposals for the implementation of social projects in the framework of the project “Heart of a leader” more than 21 thousand good guys that such projects began to be implemented, not throw them”, — said Sergey Kiriyenko, the first Deputy head of the presidential administration.

“a Little more women now — about 18% — than last year. For example, in the track “W.riboohrani” our situation is much better. In science, too, a good situation,” — said Alexey Komissarov, the General Director of ANO “Russia — country of opportunities”.

This spaceship is the object of attention of the Kursk administration and regional Vice-Governor Vyacheslav Berzin. The most high-tech school of the future — Kurskiy present.

the winner of the competition Vyacheslav Berzin became the Deputy Governor of the Kursk region. “There is a certain project which we run and which will present the first in the country. It is a secret,” — said Berzin. Under his leadership the digitalization of the region, industry, innovation, future. Here it is — in the details of the circuits. Domestic development.

the best of the Best studying at the Higher school of public administration and it — personnel reserve of the country. A new contest opens up new possibilities. The main thing is not to give up.