The CPS believes that St. Petersburg is not ready for easing of restrictions

Saint Petersburg is not yet ready for the first stage of the abolition of the sanitary restrictions.

according to “Interfax”, this was stated by the Deputy chief of Department of epidemiological surveillance of Rospotrebnadzor of the Northern capital, Irina Kataeva.

According to her, the epidemiological situation in the city remains tense.

Katayev explained that the repeal of sanitary restrictions can be subject to three conditions – reducing the prevalence of COVID-19, availability of beds for the treatment of a coronavirus, as well as increased testing of the population.

According to her, this time in St. Petersburg free of 38.9% infectious beds of regulatory requirements in them, whereas for early lifting of restrictions must be free not less than 50%.

Earlier it was reported that sanitary restrictions extended in the city until June 14. However, from June 1, wearing masks on the street and isolation for people over 65 years becomes a recommendation, not an obligation.