The CPS told about the best incubator for

banknotes — a great breeding ground for infection, and domestic pigs is the best incubator for a “bacteriological weapon”, warns the Federal service. For example, the flu virus remains on the bills to two weeks, so in some countries making money is even used paper with antiseptic properties. And in Japan bills even washed in a special washing machine at a temperature of 200 degrees.

as for pigs, these animals are sick like swine and avian flu, as well as all kinds of flu “human”. Once in this incubator, several different viruses can exchange signs and mutate. In the end, for example, avian influenza can become infectious when transferred from person to person, said in Rospotrebnadzor.

the flu shot provides protection on average 80-90 percent, emphasizes the Agency. The risk of Contracting influenza after vaccination remains but is significantly reduced.

At the same time a distinguishing feature of influenza, if the person is still contracted to them, — a fever of 38.5-39 degrees from the first hours of the disease. If the patient early in the disease there was a cold, but body temperature does not exceed 38 degrees, it is likely an infection caused by some other virus. Adults in a satisfactory state of health doctors advise taking antipyretics only when the temperature is above 39 degrees.

the flu often stuffy nose in the first days of illness due to intoxication and swelling of the infected tissues, however, the classic runny nose can appear only on the third or fourth day. And the reason for this phenomenon — is not a virus, and the bacteria that took advantage of the temporary weakening of the immune system.

the influenza Virus persists up to a month at a temperature of about zero degrees — that is why the incidence peaks at the thaw, reminiscent of the CPS. The virus kills conventional soap and dry with temperatures above 70 degrees.

if Grispbuh ill nursing woman, impossible to wean baby from the breast. The antibodies from breast milk transferred to the baby during feeding so that the baby is not infected with influenza during feeding, the Ministry noted.

vitamins acts a tonic for the flu virus does not operate. Optimal comprehensive prevention — hardening, immunostimulatory drugs and vaccination.