The crew of Andrey Karginov became the winner of

In Saudi Arabia ended the twelfth and final stage of the rally-RAID “Dakar-2020”. Victory trucks is won by the crew of the Russian team “KAMAZ-master” under control of Andrey Karginov.

the Crew of helmsman Andrey karginov, co-driver Andrey Mokeev and mechanic Igor Leonov, won the 12th stage of the race and became the winner of the rally-RAID in the overall standings. This is the second victory Karginov at the “Dakar”. The first time Andrew has won the race in 2014.

Second place in the final Protocol took also the representative of “KAMAZ-master” Anton Shibalov. The third result of the Belarusian team MAZ under control of Sergei Vyazovich. In fourth place KAMAZ Dmitry Sotnikov. The fourth crew of “KAMAZ-master” Eduard Nikolaev after the accident were out of the competition.