The cyclone from Scandinavia will fall to the Urals

In the Chelyabinsk region is expected sharp warming. In the region is atmospheric front of the cyclone, which formed over the North of Scandinavia. He will bring wet and windy weather. The cyclone will pass over the Southern Ural presumably after 38 hours, according to the hydrometeorological center of Russia.

the Air will rapidly warm up. In the afternoon on Thursday and Friday, 16-17 January, the thermometer will show in Chelyabinsk +3. Saturday will be +1. Sunday again will become warmer to +3. At night from -2 to -9. And early next week will begin lowering the temperature, but quite sharp. On the night of Monday to Tuesday, from 20 to 21 January, frosts are expected to -16.

the Cyclone from Atlantic will bring rain, the next day it rains, which is unusual for January in the Urals, reports GTRK “southern Ural”.

Text: STRC “South Ural”