The doctors told of warning signs, which begins with the coronavirus

Cases of coronavirus Russians in China no several minutes ago information was confirmed by the foreign Ministry of our country. Despite the fact that in temporary quarantine many of our compatriots can’t go home, the doctors at Wuhan, Shanghai and other cities are doing everything possible to make guests from other countries do not panic and are advised to be vigilant.

the Hermitage of the queue, guests from China present themselves immediately. Most hide the face under gauze bandages. Only safety, but tourists from other countries prefer to stay away.

Each Board with Chinese citizens in the airport Pulkovo is now met by a whole delegation of members of the CPS. Before you go through customs, all passengers scanned by the imager.

Today it became known that two were hospitalized in St. Petersburg with suspected coronavirus will soon be discharged from hospital. Dangerous diagnosis was not confirmed. However, another patient — a student from China — is under the supervision of doctors. His analysis is aimed to specialists in the CPS for further investigation, which could take a week.

the Increased security measures announced by China, now divided family. With her husband, Julia could only see on video. She in Togliatti — it is in the province of Wuhan. All flights canceled.

the death threat, which says the whole world under a microscope doesn’t look threatening. If you look closely you will see small spikes that resemble a crown. These spikes allow you to cling to healthy cells and infect them. In the early stages to distinguish the coronavirus from the common cold — it is difficult. The symptoms are the same — fever, cough, shortness of breath and body aches.

“it Hits the upper respiratory tract, multiplies in the epithelium, and within a day or two affects virtually all human cells,” explained Alexander Gorspruce, a member-correspondent of RAS, Deputy Director on scientific work of the Central research Institute of epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor.

“as soon As shortness of breath and night people can not sleep because of his shortness of breath is a worrisome symptom. Necessarily address to the doctor, be sure to tell all family members should be evaluated”, — said Alexander Chuchalin, academician of RAS, doctor of medical Sciences.

the Development of a vaccine has already begun, but it may take months. Today, the CPS advised Russians to refrain from trips to Asia.