The epidemic of break-ins of Samsung smartphones has affected celebrities

Many South Korean celebrities that use the Samsung Galaxy smartphones have become victims of hacker-extortionists. This publication reports Gizchina, citing a South Korean news website ITHome.

the Hackers allegedly gain control of a mobile device of the victim, and then demand a ransom, threatening in case of refusal to disclose all confidential information from the device. In the hands of the burglars got contacts, text messages, photos and videos that are hosted in the cloud Samsung.

the surrender value depends on how the hackers themselves assess the creditworthiness of the owner’s cell phone, and ranged from 50 million to 1 billion KRW (~2.6 million – 52 million). Among the victims – known South Korean actors, singers, Directors and celebrity chefs. Samsung has not officially commented on the situation.

Text: To.Hi-tech