The heat in Moscow and hypoxia: what about the masks?

In Moscow, beaten temperature record, the thermometers show plus 30 degrees. The previous high plus 29 degrees — was recorded in 1956. In the capital declared orange severity of the weather. To Muscovites suggest to drink more water, avoid the open sun. But the main question — how to be in the heat with sun protection, in particular, how to keep mask mode.

“of Course, a mask mode where a crowd of people, probably, still need. But this should be a temporary phenomenon. A man came to the shop, in any office where contact with people with whom he does not know — that is one thing. Active movement requires greater oxygen consumption, and any mask is still some hypoxia. Therefore, where there is no contact in a forested area, on the street — such a the constant wear masks, I believe, should not be”, — explained Armais Kamalov, Director of the Medical scientific and educational center of MSU named after M. V. Lomonosov.

the Heat in the capital will fall by the weekend. June 21 is expected to plus 20 degrees and little rain.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”