The Ministry of communications has denied the readiness of the list of sites with free traffic

the communications Ministry has denied recent media reports about the readiness of the traffic which will no longer apply in connection with the implementation of the President’s programme “Affordable Internet”. “List” was just a template for the data request from the operators.

Informed “Izvestia” has published a list of resources to which access is supposed to be free. It was and is the largest Russian social network “Vkontakte” and “Classmates”, and the main e-mail services (from “Yandex” and Mail.Ru Group), and public sites, and other important information resources.

However, the source TASS in the Ministry of communications insists that this list is not yet ready and only is in development. It turns out that the operators ‘ representatives during the meeting in the Ministry just gave the template to fill — in it are the most popular Russian Internet resources. Operators were asked to indicate the approximate traffic for each of them to understand the approximate amount vypadayuschihi income.

“At this stage only considering different approaches, who and how will compensate the operators of lost earnings, how much it might cost and how to evaluate it. You cannot assume the pattern to fill the data in a list”, — said the interlocutor of the news Agency.

the Idea to make free access to the most socially important resources of the Russian Internet has offered Russian President Vladimir Putin in the message to the Federal Assembly. This, in his opinion, could give Russia a competitive advantage, creating new opportunities for education, creation, communication and participation of the people in the country.

Text: To.Hi-tech