The mother that killed half their children died in the hospital

In the Perm region died the mother of many children, suspected of murder of two of his children. 32-year-old woman died in the intensive care unit where she was taken after attempting suicide, reports RIA Novosti.

Earlier it was reported about the tragedy that shook the city of Kudymkar. The mother of four children in the morning was at home with two of them – one year old and five year old. For some unknown reason, the woman strangled the kids, then slit my wrists and drank acetic acid. And called her husband. He rushed home but was too late.

Neighbors wonder, the family was considered prosperous, neither husband nor wife did not drink. In the media leaked the information that the woman tried to exorcise children of demons, supposedly, she reported it to the doctors when he regained consciousness. The doctors said that consciousness is the mother of the killer did not come.

Investigators also denied her involvement in sects and any destructive groups.

Two children of three and nine are now with the father. He declined to comment.