The peak is yet to come: Chinese coronavirus mutated and began to spread faster

the world health organization (who) raised the level of threat of the spread of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV with moderate to very high. In this moment from China to evacuate foreign nationals. From the airports of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou go outside more flights with tourists and diplomatic personnel.

now in Brussels, a special Committee of the European Commission discusses how the coronavirus came to Europe. In France, for several cases. It became known about detection of new infections in Canada, and today, the coronavirus was first recorded in Cambodia.

In China, where spreads a deadly disease has already infected thousands 2.9, 81 people were killed.

In the emergency room is already a nervous wreck when it appears that all patients in Wuhan there are not enough seats. For one day only, the number of cases has increased by a third. On behalf of the President of the PRC XI Jinping at the epicenter flew Prime Minister Li Keqiang. And then, by measuring the temperature – to the hospital, where refers to doctors: “Now you owe all of China”.

the head of the Committee of health of China MA Saova already warned: everything is just beginning. The virus mutated so that it is transmitted faster, and the peak is found.

“According to recent clinical data, the new coronavirus were more infectious and during the incubation period, and we need more clinical data to analyze his pathology. Currently, the spread of the epidemic occurs relatively quickly, making it difficult to work on prevention,” said the head of the Committee.

the Numbers on the map of infection changed every hour. The most difficult situation, after the provinces of Hubei and Guangdong, in Henan and Zhejiang. No infected only in sparsely populated Tibet. By evening it became known about the first case of death in Beijing, where the number of infections and so close to one hundred.

The Beijing subway now, too, at all the stations, the staff in white protective suits with electronicand thermometers. With the temperature not to miss. However, to measure it almost no one. Most Chinese sit at home.

the First fatality was recorded on Hainan resort. Tourists are asked not to leave the hotels. Only from Russia there now at least six thousand tourists.

“the streets of passing cars, which are sprayed an unknown gas. Here. But we understand that it is being fumigated. The hotels are also disinfection” – said Russian Pavel Arefyev.

to prevent the virus to continue to move beyond the epicentre of the outbreak, the checkpoints on the outskirts of the city is supplemented by ditches. That takes place in the Wuhan, tell blocked by the Russians.

“Without masks in the streets we do not go, but we’re running out and, unfortunately, it is very hard to find anywhere mask. The stores are open, can now log in to check product availability. Vegetable half-empty shelves,” – said Russian player Alexander Volkov.

the Mayor of Wuhan at the press conference he came out also in the mask – soothes: Yes, there are some shortages of vegetables, but everything else is there. So Central television distributes these frames: in the city imported tonnes of food, medicine. But at the entrance to the factory, where they produce a protective mask queue them – right at the gates.

In some cities, such as Shenzhen or Guangzhou, to appear without masks in public places is prohibited. The police respond immediately.

“Daughter coughs for several days, but we just got together to go to the hospital. Specifically went to the hospital, a small settlement, to meet as few people as possible”, – said Russian Oksana Zverev.

Following Hubei province, on the termination of transport communication with the outside world and announce some cities of Guangdong. But how effective will be the method of quarantine blockade can be said only after 20 days. About a hundredonly have passed since the first large-scale cases to large-scale spread of infection.

“it was Reported that the city of Wuhan before closing left nearly 5 million people and many of them come back in our province, so all the people are afraid to go outside,” said the Russian swimmer Yulia Maksimova.

All 5 million of those who left earlier ohaneze and their fellow travelers, the authorities are now searching through social networks: published numbers of bus, date, exact time, and even photos from loggers.

In Wuhan intensively continue the construction of two special hospitals. And the first pass after a week. Here from across the country now go not only military doctors but also the volunteers. To make it easier to wear protective gear even cut off the braids.

But a nurse from Shanghai wrote a letter that she would have to be here.

“In 2003, I was saved from SARS, and now it’s my turn to save people. It’s my duty,” admitted the nurse.

In China officially imposed a ban on the sale and transportation of wild animals. Already installed: is they were the first source of the virus, snakes and bats. One today and flew to the office of the Beijing office of “Vesti”.

to Celebrate the bat in China is possible even in the center of Beijing. One is now in the box flew straight into the apartment. About half an hour it took to catch them. Now, apparently, be released. And to call the service of disinfection. Action – not too much. Even in hospitals hospitalitynet anyone just temperature, and it’s not panic – the precaution.

In Hangzhou quarantined passengers of the flight from Wuhan food delivering robots. To raise the morale of themselves and each other the Chinese in the evenings now sing Patriotic songs. When locked in Yichang the first verse sucked one balcony in a few minutes picked up the entire city.