The President of the RBU Drachev: 26 races without medals? This is not a failure

the head of the Union of biathletes of Russia Vladimir Drachev after the completion of the world Cup in Pokljuka, Slovenia, where the national team of our country extended series without winning, to a record 26 races, said that would not deeply investigate the numbers of the record. “This is not a failure,” stated the President of the RBU.

“this time, I am calm, it is in any case not failure Dracheva was quoted by TASS. – You need to take into account the condition of our leader Alexander Loginov, who was haunted by problems with the hand. In addition, this season he devotes much time to the family, which is fine: he got married, had a daughter”.

According to officials, the “negative result – too result”: “today, these figures reflect the result of our work. We will analyze them. If we were able in a relatively short period to lose all the achievements as well and really catch up.”

this Drachev something deliberately says: “We know what went wrong after the stage in Austria and new year break, but the audience this information to make not wish. We figured out where a mistake was made and what the problem is, now we need to try to correct the situation before the world Cup.”