The President will meet with the working group on amendments to the Constitution

Vladimir Putin will meet today with the working group on amendments to the Constitution. At the kick-off meeting the participants will discuss the procedure for upcoming activities. A first working session will be held tomorrow.

In a group of members of the state Duma, the Federation Council and other authorities and public figures, representatives of culture and science.

the President ordered to establish a working group immediately after the Message to the Federal Assembly. In his speech the head of state spoke about a possible change in the basic law.

the President devoted a significant part of the address social themes. So, the maternity capital program should be extended at least until the end of 2026. Families will receive support at birth of first child.

Another category of payments Putin has suggested to enter for low-income families is a monthly grant for each child aged from three to seven years.

Special attention was paid to health and highlighted the need for modernization of primary care, including health posts in rural areas.

Also, Vladimir Putin has demanded to eliminate the irregular supply of essential drugs. And speaking about the changes of the Constitution proposed, in particular, to give the Duma the right to approve the Prime Minister and the government. We were talking about dual citizenship for people in key government positions.