The researchers assessed the possibility of infection of the

the Disease is coronavirus spread by contact of diseased with a new recipient. But experts stress that one can fall ill and in contact with things that touch the patient. While the risk of transmission of coronavirus in contact with the goods or parcels have not been identified, assured the newspaper “news” in a press-service “AliExpress Russia”.

Produced by sneezing and coughing little droplets with the virus deposited on household items, said the head of the laboratory of Virology FNTS biodiversity terrestrial biota East Asia, far East branch of RAS Mikhail shchelkanov. Touching them, a person may be infected.

“Usually in the environment the virus lives only a few hours. The probability that it mutated to become more sustainable, extremely low,” — said head of chair of infectious diseases with courses of epidemiology and Phthisiology PFUR Galina Kozhevnikova.

According to her, the transmission of coronaviruses via parcels from Chinese online store unlikely. The reason: the sensitivity of the causative agent of a disease to environmental changes. But freezing the coronavirus is very well tolerated. Therefore, the import of meat products from China is already prohibited.

the inspectors of the Rosselkhoznadzor removed do not have the original packaging products of animal origin, and did not undergo heat treatment. Heat treatment kills viruses.

In the “Mail of Russia” explained that fulfilling the requirements of relevant agencies, taking care of the safety of customers.

the Rosselkhoznadzor outbreak of coronavirus in South-East Asia has decided to thoroughly check the baggage and hand Luggage of all arriving from this region. This is due to the threat of penetration of coronavirus via packages or frozen food.

All cases worked in the food market of Wuhan city or visited him, said the Rosselkhoznadzor. There is a real risk that this disease is a zoonotic infection that is the source of the pathogen — a specific kind of animal.

meanwhile, peccia is transmitted from person to person. The symptoms are similar to normal SARS, to identify the coronavirus can only laboratory tests.

in Total there are 39 species of coronaviruses. Seven of them are dangerous to humans. An outbreak of coronavirus has already led to the deaths of 17 people. Coronavirus has gone beyond China, cases of infection recorded in South Korea, Japan, USA and Thailand. Coronavirus leads to the development of pneumonia. Intensive spread of coronavirus Gennady Onishchenko expects after February 1, when China will end the celebration of Eastern New year, and the citizens of China will actively migrate.