The Russian army received another batch of upgraded howitzer

the Plant “Uraltransmash” was transferred to the Russian armed forces another batch of modernized self-propelled howitzers 2S19M2, also known under the name “Msta-s”, reports TASS.

Updated ACS will differ from its predecessors, first of all, a new fire control system, which allows faster targeting and more efficient to fire. In addition, the integrated electronic card, which simplifies the terrain orientation.

otherwise, the battery of 8 self-propelled guns “Msta-s” all also capable of a minute to produce on the enemy more than 3 tons of ammunition and to leave the position before the enemy’s artillery attempt to fire back.

Conventional high-explosive projectile weapon produces a to a distance of 24 kilometers, with long-range gas generator – up to 29 kilometers. Plus, “Msta-s” is able to use high-precision, controlled munitions “Krasnopol”. Its range is only 20 kilometers, but they can without zeroing, the first shot hit the target the size of a car.

It is the “Krasnopol” killed a group of Syrian terrorists who attacked a Russian military base “Hamim” in 2017.